● 本系列压缩机专用三相异步电动机是我公司专门考虑压缩机特殊工况而开发设计的电动机,中心高从H132~H400,功率从5.5-500kW,绝缘等级为F级,额定时温升按B级考核,一般服务系数下的温升按F级考核,服务系数有SF:1.10、1.15、1.20等多种服务系数(即电机实际功率可达到额定功率乘以此服务系数)。
       ● 本系列电动机采用特殊的轴承配置,确保轴承能长期正常工作。考虑电机的电缆直接和压缩机的电控箱连接,可以为客户做加长引出线的配置,采用电缆护套管保护,两端带有管螺套。本系列电机具有高效、节能等优点,性能稳定,适用于压缩机长期连续工作。
       ● 本系列电动机性能和安装尺寸符合IEC60034标准、DIN42673标准和GB755标准及有关专业技术标准。且公司已多次通过ISO9001国际质量体系认证。从订单、开发、制造、检验、销售、服务全过程按照ISO9001质量体系的要求进行控制。
       ● 本系列电动机供电电源为三相工频50Hz(或根据需要设计为变频电动机);电源电压等级为380V,也可根据客户需要设计为400V、500V、550V等。
       ● 本系列电动机一般接法:3KW以下为Y接法,4KW以上为△接法。
       ● 本系列工作环境:温度环境40℃,海拔不超过1000m,特殊环境条件请用户在订货时注明。
       ● 本系列电动机采用国际通用的防护等级IP54或IP55。
       ● 本系列电动机工作方式为连续工作制(S1)。
       ● 本系列电动机采用高导磁低损耗硅钢片,因而损耗低、效率高。
       ● 本系列电动机基本通风方式为IC411或IC416,冷却散热条件比较成熟。
       ● 本系列电动机具有高效、节能、低振动、低噪声、性能可靠、安装维护方便等特点。

Motor introduction
The motor is designed and manufactured for the screw compressor. The base is a high-strength cast iron base. The junction box is located at the top or side of the extension base. The frame number is H132-H315, the installation method is divided into IMB3 and IMB5, the service factor is SF=1.15 or SF=1.25, the insulation level is F grade, and the temperature rise at the rated load is evaluated according to the B grade. When the coefficient is loaded, the temperature rise is evaluated by 90K, and the bearing temperature does not exceed 95 °C.

Center height (H): 132-400mm;
Power range (Power): 5.5-500kW
● This series of compressor special three-phase asynchronous motor is developed and designed by our company specially considering the special working conditions of the compressor. The center height is from H132~H400, the power is from 5.5-500kW, the insulation grade is F grade, and the rated temperature rise is pressed. Class B assessment, the temperature rise under the general service factor is assessed according to the F level, and the service factor is SF: 1.10, 1.15, 1.20 and other service factors (ie, the actual power of the motor can reach the rated power multiplied by the service factor).
● This series of motors uses a special bearing configuration to ensure that the bearings can work normally for a long time. Considering that the cable of the motor is directly connected to the electric control box of the compressor, the configuration of the extension lead wire can be made for the customer, and the cable sheath tube is used for protection, and the pipe thread sleeve is provided at both ends. This series of motors has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, stable performance, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation of the compressor.
● The performance and installation dimensions of this series of motors comply with IEC60034 standard, DIN42673 standard and GB755 standard and related professional technical standards. And the company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. The whole process of order, development, manufacturing, inspection, sales and service is controlled according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality system.
● This series of motor power supply is three-phase power frequency 50Hz (or designed as variable frequency motor according to need); the power supply voltage level is 380V, and can also be designed as 400V, 500V, 550V according to customer needs.
● This series of motors is generally connected: Y connection is below 3KW, and △ connection is above 4KW.
● Working environment of this series: temperature environment 40 °C, altitude not exceeding 1000m, special environmental conditions, please specify when ordering.
● This series of motors adopts the international protection grade IP54 or IP55.
● This series of motors works in continuous operation (S1).
● This series of motors uses high magnetic permeability and low loss silicon steel sheets, resulting in low loss and high efficiency.
● The basic ventilation mode of this series of motors is IC411 or IC416, and the cooling and cooling conditions are relatively mature.
● This series of motors has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low vibration, low noise, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance.


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