Y YKK YKS Y2-HV高压系列三相异步电动机
       ● 本系列高压三相异步电动机性能和安装尺寸符合IEC标准和GB755标准及有关专业技术标准,且我公司已多次通过ISO9001国际质量体系的认证,从订货、开发、制造、检验、销售、服务全过程全部按照ISO9001质量体系的要求进行控制。
● 本系列高压三相异步电动机具有高效、节能、低振动、低噪音、性能可靠、安装维护方便等特点。
       ● 本系列高压三相异步电动机供电电源为三相工频50Hz(或根据需要为60Hz)电源,电源等级6kV,也可根据客户需要设计成为3kV、3.3kV、6.6kV、10kV、11kV等,安装方式一般为IMB3,也可根据客户需要设计成IMB35。电机的结构件选用优良的钢板,对结构进行优化设计,确保电机的结构刚性和强度的要求。
       ● 本系列高压三相异步电动机采用了高导磁低损耗冷轧无取向硅钢片,因而损耗低,效率高。电动机采用可靠的F级绝缘结构,温升按B级考核设计。绝缘均采用高级云母带作为绝缘材料,配以VPI(真空压力浸漆),与完善的绝缘设计相得益彰,使得绝缘完整无隙,绕组端部刚度好,可耐受高的开关和换向强度,F级的绝缘使电机有高热稳定性,长的使用寿命。转子的平衡技术包括静平衡、动平衡、运转整体平衡。所有电机均符合国际标准的振动要求,转子平衡对于轴承寿命有着密不可分的关系。轴承及结构的设计选用充分考虑电机形式,受力,转速,润滑方式,包括滚动轴承,滑动轴承,油封设计及油脂的选用等,性能可靠,维护便捷。对所有电机的轴承均没有不停机的注排油装置。
       ● Y系列基本冷却方式为IC01,YKK系列为空-空冷却,YKS系列为空-水冷却,即IC611,冷却散热条件比较成熟。
       ● Y系列高压电机外壳防护等级为IP23,YKK/YKS系列高压电机外壳防护等级为IP44或IP54,这两种防护等级都能防止溅水进入电动机内部。公司也可根据用户的要求制造成其它防护形式的电动机,具体情况可与本公司签订技术协议。
       ● 本系列电动机运行在额定电压和频率下直接启动或降压启动。
       ● 本系列高压三相异步电动机为一般用途的三相异步电动机,可用于驱动各种通用机械设备,如压缩机、风机、水泵、破碎机等机械设备。

Power range (Power): 160-3000kW
● The performance and installation dimensions of this series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors comply with IEC standards and GB755 standards and relevant professional technical standards, and our company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification many times, from ordering, development, manufacturing, inspection, sales and service. The entire process is controlled in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system.
● This series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, low vibration, low noise, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance.
● This series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor power supply is three-phase power frequency 50Hz (or 60Hz according to needs) power supply, power level 6kV, can also be designed to 3kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, 11kV, etc. according to customer needs, installation The mode is generally IMB3, and can also be designed as IMB35 according to customer needs. The structural parts of the motor are made of excellent steel plates, and the structure is optimized to ensure the structural rigidity and strength of the motor.
● This series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors adopts high magnetic permeability and low loss cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheets, so the loss is low and the efficiency is high. The motor adopts a reliable Class F insulation structure, and the temperature rise is designed according to the Class B assessment. Insulation is made of high-grade mica tape as insulation material, combined with VPI (vacuum pressure dipping paint), which complements the perfect insulation design, making the insulation complete without gaps, the winding end stiffness is good, and can withstand high switching and commutation strength. Class F insulation gives the motor high thermal stability and long service life. The balance technology of the rotor includes static balance, dynamic balance, and overall balance of operation. All motors meet the vibration requirements of international standards, and rotor balance is inextricably linked to bearing life. Bearing and structure design takes full account of the motor form, force, speed, lubrication, including rolling bearings, sliding bearings, oil seal design and grease selection, etc., reliable performance and easy maintenance. There are no oil and discharge devices for all motors that do not stop.
● Y series basic cooling mode is IC01, YKK series is air-to-air cooling, YKS series is air-water cooling, ie IC611, cooling and cooling conditions are relatively mature.
● The Y series high voltage motor housing is IP23, and the YKK/YKS series high voltage motor housing is IP44 or IP54. Both protection levels prevent splashing water from entering the motor. The company can also manufacture motors in other forms of protection according to the requirements of users. In specific cases, it can sign a technical agreement with the company.
● This series of motors operates directly at the rated voltage and frequency to start or step down.
● This series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are general-purpose three-phase asynchronous motors that can be used to drive various general mechanical equipment such as compressors, fans, pumps, crushers and other mechanical equipment.


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